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In Build 2019 event Microsoft unveiled about the development of a terminal for Windows 10 operating system. During the announcement, they showcased the features including emoji support. the team approached many developers and terminal lovers to test it out. Also, Microsoft open-sourced the code for the terminal.

Many developers and hobbyists have built the terminal and testing it from May. Microsoft team provided the guide, how to build the windows terminal from its source. Many issues have been posted and solved.

The official preview of the terminal was released in Windows Store.

windows terminal
source : microsoft blog


The preview build of terminal, supports the following features for this release.

  • Multiple tab support
  • Themes
  • Customization

Multiple Tab Support

Windows terminal has multiple tab support. It is not a new feature, this is an old feature available in existing feature in Linux and Mac platforms. But in case of windows cmd line and power shell doesn’t have this feature.


Themeing feature is available in the terminal. Terminal has a beautiful text and DirectX rendering engine provides power to render texts, emojis, glyphs, and programming ligatures.


Default settings and configurations of the terminal can be customized by changing the well-structured JSON file as like changing the settings in Visual Studio code.

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Custom keybindings and shortcuts to access various shells like bash, power shell, Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

You can also add background images to the terminal. this is the prolong feature requested by many windows lovers. now Microsoft has taken a step to fulfill their needs.

Note: If you want to use the new terminal you must have  Windows 10 version 18362 build or above.


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