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Bleedbytes Рbased on the revolution of future tech, we serve the Techies and Nerds all across the globe with the best interest of sharing our knowledge to enlighten them. This prophecy began when bytes started bleeding across the globe and gradually started immersing the people with its power.


No Wonder the name “BleedBytes” was chosen in the best interest of the explanation as given below by our Team.
Bytes – powers every digital world objects( 0’s and 1’s ) and in this blog, we have provided you all the exploring vision in the intention of stashing everyone’s Brain with what is needed.
Bleed – Slit the Bytes and explore new Vision with the flowing Bytes.


‘Bleedbytes’ is not simply powered and given the Strength by one; we have a team of dozen members with different perspectives to Provide our Readers with the Best and Enhanced Experience. Bleedbytes covers Latest technology news, Tech rumours, Opensource news, Security news, how-to guides and anything that is related to bits and bytes.

Codemaidan is an online coding platform, which was developed by Bleedbytes team and it supports C, C++, Python, Java and lot more will be added in near future.

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As our Tagline Depicts “The place where you get Bits and Bytes of Technology”, we are United here for your Betterment. Heartful of 7k Followers are our Treasures and are still counting and will emerge as an indelible news provider with an impeccable Customer Service.


Suggestions and Opinions are welcomed and we are looking forward to Enhancing your surfing Experience through our Platform. Visit contact us page or email us.

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