With the nomadic lifestyle becoming increasingly popular, more people are seeking careers that allow them to travel the globe. Modern technology has made it easier than ever to do this.

There are various reasons someone might want to work and live abroad. Wanderlust, new opportunities and connections, a slower-paced lifestyle, the inclination to learn a new language and embrace a new culture- travelling the world while you earn a living certainly has its perks.

Several career paths can take you almost anywhere in the world. Many of these paths involve business, so studying for your MBA would be a clever move for anyone who wants high earning potential, freedom to work from almost anywhere, and fulfilling roles with plenty of room for advancement within your chosen industry.

What jobs can be done remotely?

These days, plenty of jobs can be done from almost anywhere with an internet connection, and the pandemic made it more common to work from somewhere outside the office.

Entrepreneurship is one of these occupations. Creating your own business gives you the freedom to run it however you like, from wherever you like. Starting a business can be risky, but studying business administration will give you a leg up in this field and increase your chance of running a successful company.

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Starting a business can mean almost anything. Freelancing is great for those who want the freedom to travel because you are your own boss and can work from anywhere. Running your own photography business is another idea, and pairing this profession with a blog or social media business could be the key to building a fanbase and gaining clients from anywhere in the world. Selling digital products is another way to earn money, and knowledge of business and sales would assist greatly with this.

There is a lot that goes into establishing a business, but with the right education, it is one of the best ways to earn a living while being able to choose when and where you work from.

If running a business isn’t for you, being a business consultant is just as rewarding. A business consultant assesses a business and helps them achieve its full potential. This is a job that can be done freelance, giving you the freedom to travel the world and meet clients anywhere.

Entrepreneurs often want to share their skills, and coaching others via e-courses or video calls is a viable option for almost anyone with a reliable internet connection and knowledge in their chosen field.

An IT manager is another job that can be done remotely. Overseeing the information technology department of a business would be perfect for a tech-savvy individual who wants to help companies thrive in an increasingly advanced world, and there is a high demand for people with knowledge of both technology and business.

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Another job that can be done from home- or elsewhere- is a financial analyst. A senior financial analyst can help a business create budgets and maximise profits.

Investment management is a popular industry that can be done from anywhere. The relevant education can give someone the knowledge to turn investing into a profitable business.

Account executives could also find success by working remotely. They can work in many different fields, and travelling could be a great way to find new leads and prospective new clients.

Most (if not all)  project management tasks can be done from anywhere, so project management is another career option. Really, remote management options are plentiful!

Why work internationally?

If the above jobs appeal to you, imagine how much more appealing they’ll be from a beach in Spain or a coffee shop in France! Social media has made it easier than ever to be a digital nomad and use technology to perform your job. With just a laptop or phone, it is possible to work and live almost anywhere and to still communicate with your coworkers and reach clients near and far.

You’ll find successful ex-pats and digital nomads working in almost any industry, anywhere in the world. They find internet connections in coffee shops, libraries, hotels and airports. This lifestyle can offer flexibility, financial freedom and independence. Workers who are free of specific geographic locations can work productively while spending more time with loved ones and contributing to local economies. A change of scenery can boost creativity and happiness, and travelling and meeting new people can increase client base and prospects. Combining travel and work can be a beautiful thing!

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