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Fond of learning new stuffs related to technology,always surfing in internet, Struggling to be an engineer :-)

Getting started with SASS 2019

What is SASS Sass is the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the...

All you need to know about Cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency is digital money and Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple are the leading names in cryptocurrency. Rather than being operated by...

Best chrome extensions for web developers and designers to raise productivity...

chrome extension for web development
Chrome extensions are very useful for both the developers and designers, some of these extensions enhance the abilities of developer tools, some replicate the...

Best javascript chart library

javascript chart library
In this article, I'm going to introduce some of the open source javascript chart library. There is an extensive volume of javascript libraries and...

paytm launches AI cloud with alibaba for developers startups enterprises

Paytm AI cloud for India
Paytm an online payment company announced their new vision by providing cloud services for startups, developers and enterprises in India. They named it as...

BEAKER – A browser for the next-generation Web

Today I found an interesting opensource project, named beakerbrowser. Beaker is a public peer-to-peer file sharing browser like torrents. Beaker works on dat:// protocol...

Top 10 Data Mining Tools

data mining tools
Data mining is the process of finding patterns from the large set of data. Data mining is also called as knowledge discovery in databases....

JDBC interview questions and answers

JDBC interview questions and answers
In this article series, we will discuss different types of questions that can be asked in a Java interview, in order for the employer...

FrontEnd Interview Questions and Answers- HTML

HTML interview Questions
In this article, the area focused is HTML interview Questions. These queries are asked in technical interview to test the aspirant's knowledge. and further asked...

Signs You’ve Got Yourself A Good Web Application Company

Signs You’ve Got Yourself A Good Web Application Company
What do you mean you don’t need the help of a web application company? If there is one direction our world is heading to...