The world in which we live is filled with many theories that have explained each and every incident that takes place, these explanations may be scientific, pseudo-scientific or sometimes even fictional. These theories are always based on the perspective of an individual. There are still many incidents that have no explanation which stands as mysteries, they cannot be explained properly as science has no proper satisfying theories. Among them, the top 7 mysteries in life which is the explanation for science are listed,

1)How did life begin?

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Where did life on Earth come from? How did it happen? Those who believe in the Primordial Soup model believe that a nutrient-rich early Earth eventually formed increasingly-complex molecules that gave rise to life. This could have taken place in the deep ocean vents, in clay, or under ice. Different models also give variable levels of importance to the presence of lightning or volcanic activity for the spawn of life. While DNA is the predominant basis for life on Earth now, it has been suggested that RNA(ribonucleic acid) could have dominated the first lifeforms. Additionally, other scientists question whether other nucleic acids aside from RNA or DNA may have once existed. Some belief in panspermia, in which microbial life was brought to Earth via meteorites or comets. Even if that is true, it doesn’t answer the question of how that life originated.

2)Why do we sleep?

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The human race has faced many mysteries, among them the most debated mystery is why the homo_sapiens sleep. Scientists have no proper explanation for the snoozing, but it is oriented with the health issues of an individual. When sleep is attained, it makes the person attain his physical well being. Moreover, all physical developments like the growth of tissues, bones take place while a person is at sleep, but why do these things happen only at sleep. This was what the scientists could not explain. The span of a healthy sleep should be around 6-8 hours. Some organisms don’t sleep at all, while some take a nap just to hide from predators. While we consider those animals we humans don’t know why we even sleep?

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3)Do lives exist beyond earth?

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The observable Universe is 92 billion light-years in diameter, filled with billions of galaxies with stars and planets, yet the only evidence of any life anywhere is right here on Earth. Statistically, the odds of us actually being the only living beings in the Universe are impossibly low, so why the hell haven’t we connected with anyone else yet? This is known as the Fermi Paradox, and there have been dozens of suggestions to explain why we haven’t encountered extraterrestrial life; some more plausible than others. We could probably talk about all of the different possibilities for days about whether or not we’re just missing signals, if they’ve actually been here and we didn’t know it, they can’t/don’t want to talk to us, or the extremely unlikely scenario—if Earth is the only planet with life ever.


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What is gravity? It is actually an invisible force that keeps an object down to the surface of the earth. This helps the living creatures to sustain life, though Why did this gravity evolve? This could never be sorted out by anyone. We all know that gravity from the moon causes tides, and the sun’s gravity keeps our planet in orbit, but how much do we really understand it? This powerful force is generated from matter, and more massive objects, therefore, have a greater ability to attract other objects. As a part, gravity works only up to a certain extent from the earth’s surface, so then the question arises whether the gravity is a particle? Answers are there but they do not seem to be satisfying.

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5)Dark energy:

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Of all of the great mysteries of science, dark energy might be the most enigmatic of all. While dark matter makes up an estimated 80% of all mass, dark energy is a hypothetical form of energy believed to make up around 70% of all content in the Universe. Dark energy has been implicated as the cause for the expansion of the Universe, though there is still a considerable amount of mystery regarding its supposed properties. First and foremost, what is it even made of? Is dark energy constant, or are there fluctuations throughout the expanse of space? Why does dark energy’s density appear to match the density of regular matter? Can dark energy be reconciled with Einstein’s theory of gravity, or does the theory need to be reevaluated?

6)plate tectonics:

Tectonic plates

People used to think that the continents sort of drifted about the ocean, occasionally crashing into each other and raising a mountain range. Then, this theory was transformed into plate tectonics, with massive sections of the Earth’s crust moving about on a subterranean ocean of magma. However, the main sticking point is that we don’t actually know what causes this movement. It was generally thought until quite recently that they were drifting on some kind of convection current in the Earth’s mantle, but so far none of our models based on these theories can predict or match tectonic movement to a satisfactory level.


7)How is cancer caused?

If you believe the papers, you’d probably come to the conclusion that everything causes cancer, but the reality is that we just don’t know. Random genetic mutations occur in the cells, causing a runaway duplication effect and leading to a tumour, but experts have so far failed to agree on why this happens. In a controversial study in Science magazine, researchers took all of the research and evidence related to the causes of cancer and were pretty much forced to conclude that it’s largely down to luck.

We all know, for example, that smoking can give you lung cancer, but how is it that some people can smoke for their whole lives and remain cancer free? The chance of getting lung cancer as a smoker is 18 times higher in smokers, but not all smokers will get it, and not all non-smokers are safe, so it doesn’t cause it in the same way that pushing a ball down a hill will cause it to move. Figuring this out is arguably a priority for this generation.