Anthos - a hybrid and multi cloud platform

Google announced the general availability of Anthos.
Anthos: a hybrid and multi-cloud platform.

During the Cloud next event 2019 in San Francisco, Google CEO Sundar announced the idea behind Anthos is to “write once run everywhere”.

Anthos gives the flexibility to move on-prem to the cloud when it’s ready. It allows us to use our preferred technologies and improves security.

Many applications developed were not moved the cloud, instead resides in on-prem because the path for deployment is complex, daunting and exhausting.

Anthos is an open source approach that will manage applications deployed in Google’s rivals AWS or Azure.

Anthos is based on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Hölzle (VP) said, “We hear from our customers that multi-cloud and hybrid is really an acute pain point”. Few enterprises have developed such platforms to manage the deployments but it takes expertise in all major platforms to get most out of them.

Anthos is launched with more than 30 hardware and software partners to make a positive impact with vendors. Those partners include Cisco, Dell EMC, VMware, Elastic, GitLab, MongoDB and others.

Google also announced Anthos Migrate, a beat service for moving virtual machines running on-premise or another cloud provides into Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). This feature will provide an easier path to not worry about mission-critical applications.

There were almost 120+ announcements made in Cloud Next event. The most important announcements are,

  • Cloud Code makes it easy to develop and deploy cloud-native applications on Kubernetes, by extending your favourite local Integrated Development Environments (IDE) IntelliJ and Visual Studio Code.
  • Cloud Bigtable multi-region replication is now generally available, giving you the flexibility to make your data available across a region or worldwide as demanded by your app.
  • 100 Gbps Cloud Interconnect connects your hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.
  • Cloud Security Scanner detects vulnerabilities such as cross-site-scripting (XSS), use of clear-text passwords, and outdated libraries in your GCP applications and displays results in Cloud Cloud Security Command Center. It’s GA for App Engine and now available in beta for GKE and Compute Engine.
  • BigQuery BI Engine, in beta, is a fully-managed in-memory analysis service that powers visual analytics over big data with sub-second query response, high-concurrency, simplified BI architecture, and smart performance tuning
  • AI Platform (beta) helps teams prepare, build, run, and manage ML projects via the same shared interface.
  • Recommendations AI (beta) helps retailers provide personalized 1:1 recommendation to drive customer engagement and growth.
  • Contact Center AI (beta) is helping businesses build modern, intuitive customer care experiences with the help of Cloud AI.


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