the best online B2B marketplace that offers the best quality business services to startups so that they can focus on their growth


BaloTrade is a rapidly growing online B2B marketplace that aims to transform the scope of e-commerce in the world. The company has got three registered offices in different parts of the world, namely, in the United Kingdom; in Nigeria, West Africa and in Delaware USA. From the very beginning, is focused on delivering fabulous products and exceptional services to its customer base. The company always strives to maintain unflinching standards of excellence that can enhance the lives of all of its end users. The professional team at BaloTrade is sincere, caring and is dedicated to creating a safe online haven for anyone to carry out business transactions.

BaloTrade offers a wide range of items for its B2B customers, starting from large household equipment to small personal items. The online marketplace of BaloTrade was founded to offer a simple solution for start-up companies so that they can reach out to a large base of customers from different parts of the world and deliver the goods that are of the highest quality. This can help the business firms to grow on a rapid scale. It is such creating level of efficiency that has made BaloTrade the best B2B marketplace in the online world.

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About is a leading online marketplace that focuses on helping start-up B2B businesses to reach out to a larger customer base around the world and offer them the best quality products. and also BaloTrade hands-on with bleedbytes in India as a marketing partner. To know more about, visit

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