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In this, 3Blue1Brown channel you can learn MATH easily through a visual approach. They have created animated episodes and playlists to understand the difficulty of MATH. Problems in math which many people may not have heard of are discussed here, and which seem hard at first, but where some shift in perspective makes it doable. Here you learn a few Math and Physics concepts like Linear Algebra, Calculus, Differential equations, Quantum Physics

Channel URL: 3Blue1Brown

Corey Schafer

If you are a newcomer to Python, this channel will have something for you. They’ve released a wide variety of videos on topics that include:

  • Python
  • Git
  • Development Environments
  • Terminal Commands
  • SQL and lot more.

Channel URL: Corey Schafer


In DeepLearning.ai you can find the videos of Deep Learning specialization on Coursera. A series of videos that helps you master a skill in Deep Learning

Channel URL: Deeplearning.ai


This Channel is all about Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, And also teach beginners who want to learn Keras and PyTorch. It mostly covers the Neural Network and Reinforcement learning concepts. You can also learn how to run and deploy your deep learning App with TensorFlow’s JavaScript library on Browser

Channel URL: deeplizard

IBM Analytics

In IBM Analytics, you can find the data analytics and IBM cloud tutorial. They have a playlist for how to work with DB2 on IBM cloud and there is another playlist for how to learn IBM Watson Studio for Machine Learning from scratch.

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Channel URL: IBM Analytics

Jeff Heaton

Would you like to learn about deep neural networks and other areas, there is a thing for you to learn and to earn money. Jeff Heaton guide’s how to work with projects on kaggle and win the competition

Channel URL: Jeff Heaton


It is one of the largest community of Data Scientists. They teach how to get started with kaggle and few things are related to deep learning and SQL KA. If you are into ML or AI, interested in testing your skills then kaggle is the place where you can test your skills, and they will reward you with certifications and other goodies. Learn AI with kaggle’s public data sets.

Channel URL: Kaggle

Khan Academy & Khan Academy Probability and Statistics

Here is the Maths you should learn which are prerequisite for machine learning. This Channel created a playlist for Linear Algebra, Statistics and Probability.

Channel URL: Khan Academy, Khan Academy Probability and Statistics

NPTEL Mathematics & Stanford

Those channels contain technical lectures on Math. Here you learn an optimization technique for ML. These channels are maintained by leading universities like IIT and Stanford. If you want to learn AI, then check out these channels.

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Channel URL: NPTEL Mathematics, Stanford


In sentdex, mostly 80 % of the videos are related to python. They provide a playlist for learning Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Robotics and Game Development

Channel URL: sentdex

Siraj Raval

He is one of the Popular Youtuber for teaching AI. Here you can learn how to create your AI application and to deploy your application on the cloud. This channel gives a guide on how to start our own AI startup.

Channel URL: Siraj Raval


TensorFlow was developed by the Google Brain team for internal Google use. It was released under the Apache License 2. Since then many organizations, startups, nonprofits, hobbyists and students adopted Tensorflow library. Tensorflow youtube channel has TensorFlow news, tutorials, best practices. This resource is useful for those who want to learn AI and machine learning.

Channel URL: TensorFlow

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