Bonk Be Live is a modern broadcasting platform. Well, we have seen YouTube, Vimeo, Hotstar and more like that. These social media platforms are popular, and they do provide us with advertising options and broadcasting options. However, Bonk Be Live’s main objective is to make meaning out of whatever we post online. We do spend awfully long hours on social media.


The scenario of online life changed drastically for millennials. Why don’t we make some money out of whatever effort we put into building our online presence? No doubt you can do that in other platforms too, but Bonk Be Live is inherently intuitive and easy to use.

BonkLive Welcome Screeen

Design and Aesthetics

One thing that is impressive is its design. The color pallet is too good, and the overall app design is nothing short of amazing. The typography is an unusual choice. Most of the social media platforms choose clear font formats like techno, josefin or impact but this is surprising because of the cursive (lobster) format used. However, other parts of the app look really appealing to the eye. The one thing which no one can miss is its striking similarity to the Snapchat app, which places it live stream button in the middle and other options on either side of the big play button.

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Monetizing your videos is not the only thing you can do with Bonk Be Live. There are a bunch of exciting features which might interest you:

1. Sending virtual gifts is one of the best features in this app. We often think of ways to grab our celebrity’s attention. Well, think no more. Virtual gifts called as diamonds inside the app are equivalent to real money and you can send them to your favorite celebrity even in the middle of a live broadcast to grab their attention.

Bonklive Feature 12. You can get crazy with the range of stickers. To make the video streaming less boring, Bonk Be Live gives the users access to hundreds of virtual stickers which they can use as filters in the video. This can grab the attention of the viewers and help the broadcasters earn extra money.

3. You can connect your Instagram, Facebook or Google account to the app. This makes life so much easier. Also, if you don’t want to do it, you can always connect with your email.

4. The income section in your profile allows you to buy new coins for cash. The typical pricing would be $1 for 70 coins. You can also view your earned coins from advertisements and gifts. You can convert your earned coins into real cash too!

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Bonklive Feature 2

5. It is more like a game. You have to finish some levels before you get your VIP status and earn money by viewing ads. This takes some time but if you are voracious social media user, you can get there in no time. Also, not many apps let you earn by just viewing ads!

6. The inbuilt messaging feature which lets you talk to the person who is broadcasting, really useful. Also, the broadcaster will definitely like the extra attention from the viewers.

What is unique in Bonk Be Live?

The way they organized the entire app is just amazing. Though the design is not unique, the approach is definitely unique. You have to earn 250000 points to pass the first level that is Bonnaroo, which in Bonk Be Live Language means Intern. For every 1 minute of streaming you get 2.5 points and watching will get you 1 point. Once you level-up to Bonkertronz (level 6), you are officially a celebrity in Bonk Be Live. At this point, you are allowed to monetize the videos you broadcast by adding ads and affiliate links.

Bonklive Daily

There are other faster ways to score more points of course. Every time you buy something from Bonk store adds some points and also getting followers will also add more points. No other app on the internet plays the social media game like this. Most of its users are too focused on earning points, they let themselves be totally active and interactive.

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Bonklive UI

Don’t forget the security and privacy. The major problem with social media platforms is privacy. However, there is nothing private in broadcasting your personal videos on the Internet. Bonk Be Live has ban list, which will help you ban those followers who seem to trouble you with unwanted attention. The process is simple and intuitive.

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The concept of the app as appealing as it is. And you can start earning just by streaming your moments to world right from your palm.