The word “Technology” has shaken the entire world and has become a part of our life now-a-days. Everything has been turned into digital channels starting from basic registration to electronic payment transactions.

We are now getting used to online apps like Google, yahoo, bing etc to search different content anywhere in the world. The browser is much more designed to become user-friendly using Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Think about what do you want most in this world?

What if I told you your every demand you can think of in this country, no matter how unacceptable it is here to be met. What if I told you that you can be the bad guy you’re fantasizing about, and you don’t want his hand dirty? What if you want anything badly but your nation’s government doesn’t allow it and I promised you it will be delivered to your doorstep. Countless such problems can be solved conveniently here.

Apart from searching , there are many things the browsers are handling.

Let me welcome you to the internet’s deepest and most hidden zone, Dark Web. The place, where normal people without consciousness are completely destroyed just because of a small mistake. The only thing that is relevant here is the money. If you have completed the payment you get the facility. Your identification is not needed, and no communications can be traced back to you. All the loose ends are tied, and work is going to be purely professional. This is the Dark Web community. Could you think of the dark web now?

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In reality, the internet consists of three distinct layers: the surface web, the deep web and the dark web.

The top layer, the surface web, are web pages that appear using search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. The deep web pages are web pages that search engines can not reach and are secret, accessible by passwords and authorization methods.

You access deep web content any time you sign into an account that won’t show up on a search engine.

The dark web is an untraceable network of illegal activity and internet websites. It is a portion of the internet that is not indexed by search engines. You’ve probably heard talk of the “dark web” as a hotbed of illegal activity They can’t be identified using search engines so you need to use different apps, plugins or have permission o to access them. Number of different people use them to keep their web activity hidden.



The dark web was originally developed by the US government to allow spies to fully share information anonymously.

The device, known as Tor (The Onion Router), was created by US military researchers in the mid-1990s and released into the public domain for all to use.

Tor now hosts some thirty thousand secret pages.

It’s called The Onion Router because it uses the technique of onion routing – making websites anonymous through layers of encryption. Most websites are also hosted on the .onion domain.

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For all sorts of purposes the dark web is used by all kinds of people-but it is not shocking that it is used for illegal activity.

Police frequently bust this sort of platform, which endanger them by spreading viruses and malware to users.

The dark web is also used to conceal online finance, terrorism, firearms, hacking, harassment and fraud-related activities.

The dark web also has beneficial uses for others. It can be used, for example, to circumvent a national firewall, like China, where users are usually blocked from accessing secret sites.


Yes – though using the dark web makes it easier to escape detection, governments around the world are focusing on indexing, sorting and cataloging the dark web as well as tracking many illicit transactions, selling, hacking, illicit uploading, harassment cases, etc.

Nearly every 0.01 percent in the internet is controlled by dark web now.


If you have a piechart, then the Clearnet is just 4–5 per cent of the pie, that’s the internet on the surface that we all use almost every day. The Dark Web uses the remaining volume, which is 95–96 per cent of that piechart. This is the scale of the secret network.

For now, we don’t know the dark web’s validity. There have been claims, however, that the lower rates are not feasible. However, we don’t know the full spectrum of darknet, so anything is possible.

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So, the thing that pops out is that dark web is worth the impact of losing ourselves and our family? It is person to person based.

Some of us go outside to satisfy their curiosity for the dark web. Many others go out from the shadows to talk against any influential force realizing that they are free from prosecution & other stuff that only the dark web can offer. Some are simply going for the illegal activities and anonymously fulfilling their unnatural desires which the dark web can give for the money.

Therefore, how to use the dark web is up to us. But knowledge of the dark web is also necessary, so that if anyone plots anything against us, we might not be in the dark. In my opinion, you probably can use Tor Browser instead of Chrome and Firefox to do your usual stuff to keep anonymity.

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