How to Create Animations: Top 6 Easy Apps for Your Phone

Modern children are growing up in a world of gadgets and digital technology, so they can easily learn new skills online, and they are helped by a smartphone, which they hold in their hands even before they learn to walk. It allows children to experiment and get creative: editing drawings, shooting and editing videos, posting them to TikTok and other apps, creating mods for games and much more.

You can even draw your cartoon, animate its characters, manage footage, and develop cool graphics. Such skills help kids not only develop their creativity and logic but also their spatial thinking, especially with 3D animation. Kids begin to understand how to create their own fairy tale, embody what they want and find a solution to the problem at hand. To put it simply, creating a cartoon is not just a fun process, it’s an activity that brings a lot of benefits.

These are the best apps for future animators, which will be interesting not only to little cartoonists but also to advanced users who want to create a prototype of the bright casino bonus India background with lots of animations. So, the best apps for kids on Android or iOS.


 FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation Creator & Art Studio

You need to perform frame by frame animation, the main idea lies in the fact that the program can flip through your frames. The editor has a timeline, the possibility of frame-by-frame verification, and other tools. Here you will learn how to create multiple layers of animation (only 3 are available in the free format), add photos and video, overlay sound, which can be both selected from the application library and recorded on the recorder.

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Stick Nodes

This app was inspired by Pivot Stickfigure Animator. The body parts of the character are represented in the form of sticks that can be moved, creating smooth movements. Such characters can be drawn by children themselves: the application has various blanks of any body parts, and different shades and shapes, the function of the hero’s visibility (semi-transparent, blurred and others). The child also has the opportunity to use the library of the application, where there are more than 30 thousand ready-made characters.

Inside the editor, there is a simple camera that can be used to zoom in on the character or spin it around the scene. You can overlay text, even dialogue between characters, and sound. When you’re done creating your animation, import it in mp4 and GIF format and share it with your friends.

Toontastic 3D

This animation app allows you to feel like a director. Initially, you need to choose a game location^ where the hero will come to life. There are 3 genres to choose from. Then you need to turn on the video screen and control the movements of the hero, who will be recorded. Next, everything depends on the imagination of the child. He can impose a sound, acting as a narrator, or some kind of melody.

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With this app, kids learn to manage scenes and think through storytelling. And the program not only presents a variety of ready-made characters, but also has the ability to create your own protagonist.

The footage can be saved on your smartphone, and then sent to your friends through social networks.

Animation Creator HD

It’s worth downloading such an app to make animations and edit footage if your child is over 12 years old. In the program you will find a rich selection of different tools, ranging from pencils to various characters. In the app, your child will learn how to layer or overlay audio, learn how to zoom in and out of the frame and much more.

The captured animation can be exported in Ultra HD format, saved on a smartphone and shown to friends by sending the story via social media.

Animation Desk

The Animation Desk offers a wide range of tools with over 40 brushes. Additionally, you can apply layers and preview frames using the Onion Skin tool which helps the animator see previous or subsequent animation frames and correct motion inaccuracies.

Besides, the app allows you to take advantage of additional controls: rely on the timeline, view a gallery of frames, rotate individual objects on the canvas, zoom in and out of the frame.


You can add layers from the graphic editor Adobe Photoshop in PSD format, create a video over an imported video or photo, overlay sound. There are also various export options: you can export the whole video, a single frame, layers, as well as download in GIF and PDF format.


This app will help animators learn how to manually draw frames. The set of additional controls is quite wide: timeline, layers, different types of brushes, the possibility of overlaying the sound and video preview. Animation can be imported in Quicktime, GIF, or frame-by-frame format.

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