The Most Important Factors Required In SEO



This is the key factor required in SEO, why will a customer visit your website? What is the reason that he would spend his 5 6 minutes on your website? The answer is content, good quality is all that a customer wants that is easily readable and simple to understand. There are many websites available online that provide trash content just to increase traffic on their websites, but till when they will continue this someday this has to end. By providing quality content you will make customers for a long time.

Only keep a few things in mind that you have to select those topics which can target a large range of audience, provide them with the answer they are looking for. Also, try to make the content simple yet it should contain a brief knowledge of the topic such that the audience can easily connect with it and are hooked to it.


Backlinks are the most important factors because it pushes your website in the top rankings of the search result. Attaching backlinks on other websites will also be helpful in attracting customer and it will be a great way for your brand exposure. These backlinks are created by many SEO Experts like

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Whenever a person likes some content on the website and if he likes he will try to find out the actual source of that content and this backlink provides a type of gateway to the customer. Thus it might help the customer in connecting to you through other sources and you will be connected without putting any extra effort by searching on search engines.


In today’s world, everybody has access to the internet and there is a number of ways to access it like for example through mobiles, tablets, therefore, it is very important that we try to make a website that is optimized for these kinds of devices.

There are many tools available on the internet that could be helpful to you in finding that whether your website is mobile-friendly or not. The major benefits of doing this are that it will help in overall user experience the contents will be easily browsed by the visitor and increase their overall time on the website.


Large size images lead to slow down the loading speed of the web page this can definitely irritate the user and he may be forced to abandon the page and move to next, thus it is very important that we use optimized images in our content. Also, we should try to give a better caption and it will be best if we use the keywords related to the content as it will be helpful in finding the content.

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