Importance of Numerical Assessment of Candidates during Hiring

The candidates you pick for your job roles have to be effective in their needed fields. However, no matter which role a staff member playing your business, there are some general skills that should be sound enough. Numerical area is one such area that should be strong.  You know a candidate having strong Numerical reasoning is probable to be great in interpreting and analysing numerical data. As a result of this, he or she can draw out logical decisions and make reasoned choices in a business environment. Since the numerical data is a vital source of deriving information for an organization to monitor its progress and overall performance, every organization needs professionals who can competently collect, study, understand, and present this data to solve issues.

What is a numerical test?

Numerical test is an exam that gets used to distinguish a proficient applicant in analysis and clarification of numerical data. There is a huge variety of numerical tests available there and these tests depend on the level of numerical reasoning needed.   The less challenging versions of the test characteristically require number series, percentage calculation, and basic arithmetic and so on. however, the more complex versions of the tests includes complicated data interpretations like tabular data,  control charts, graphs and the candidate has to examine through and use relevant information for problem-solving.

Tests like Numerical ability test and psychometric tests are always helpful in discovering whether a candidate is professionally apt for your business roles or not. You can easily assess if the candidate you are considering is numerically sound or not. These tests not just help you in this area but also give you much insight about:

  • The Skills of the candidates
  • How much ability the applicants have.
  • A peep into the personality of the candidates.
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Once you have a test like numerical aptitude test, you would gather the candidates who are professional and numerically agile. Numerical reasoning ability is one of the commonest skill areas. It is one that is there in the kids even before they are trained at mathematics in school. Numerical reasoning exams are also known as data interpretation or numerical critical reasoning tests. These are the tests that include evaluating conditions and discovering conclusions from the data provided to assess one or several of the following:

  • Level of speed in doing analyses or assessments
  • Ability to analyse graphs and other information
  • General  or basic arithmetic operations
  • Degree of concentration in solving problems
  • Ability to perform estimates

Critical thinking ability

The area of numerical reasoning is considered to be one of the basic skills required in present day data-driven bazaar, and in the absence of firm numerical reasoning skills, it might be challenging to succeed in diverse jobs in the present time. Plenty of fields take benefit from this type of testing like most of the administrative and clerical   jobs, jobs found in the craft and technical   field at any degree, and even positions in police and military   field. In case you are hiring folks in any of these zones, you might seek the numerical skills in the applicants.

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The main type of numerical reasoning test encompasses basic arithmetic such as subtraction, addition, multiplication and division, number sequences and common mathematics such as fractions, percentages, power and so on. This type of test can be believed to be as a speed test and is mostly there to search out the basic numerical ability of people. Remember if you think that the candidates would use the calculator in the test then you are wrong. They have to rely on their own calculations for the right answers.

A prominent pre-employment test

Numerical tests are considered to be a vital pre-employment test because numerical skills are expected in everybody. You cannot have a person at a designation without these skills. It would be really ineffective for the entire work and organization. The level of these tests is easy yet tricky. These are properly designed by the professionals who belong to numerical field. The tests are designed in a manner to test the skills of the candidates in the hiring pool.    These tests are easy to use, effective to rely on and absolutely result oriented.

The quality of a test

The quality of a good numerical reasoning test is always rewarding. It is always good to have a qualitative test because it would never have any type of potholes or leakages. The candidates would get assessed in the most prominent manner. What you can do is you can personally assess the tests that are there for you to choose from. It is really important that you are satisfied with the quality of the test before you use it in the recruitment program. If you have some numerical experts in your organization, they can do this task in the most effective manner.  These professionals would have the skills and knowledge to know which type of test should be on board for the assessment of the candidates in the numerical area.   There is no shortage of options and you can easily get a test that is apt for your recruitment program.

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Outcomes are impartial

The outcomes of these numerical tests are impartial. Nobody can question the authenticity of these tests. Since the tests are pre-designed and the recruiters have no role to play in the formation of test; the candidates cannot pose any doubts or questions.  Whoever performs well in the tests gets the position in the organization. Moreover, how can you forget about the interview and resume part? These two parts would fill the areas that might be missed by the test. Numerical would be taken care of by the test and the rest by the other segments.


So, use a numerical test in your recruitment program and you would reap the best outcomes that too without many efforts. These tests can make your recruitment program much stronger and certainly effective.  The numerical tests are getting used by maximum recruiters for the best enrolments.

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