Computer students conscious about


1)Be logical



“It really does go a long way,” “When you are discreet with logic, it works well in with the Algorithms and Data Structures.


2)Be Mathematic


“In every way, computer science is based around a mathematical foundation,”. “So when you’re programming functions and commands into computers, you need to understand the basis of all of that is in mathematics.”


3) Challenge yourself


One thing that can help an aspiring computer specialist is by testing in real-life technical situations, said Matthew Wright, computer science associate professor. He said people can seek these opportunities out on internet.weekly competitions to see who is the most skilled in computer programming.


4) Get involved with a group



“Getting involved with a group of that caliber really develops your skills,” Wright said. “It’s much

better to learn with a group of friends, learning the same technical skills, than it is a teacher lecturing in a class.”



5) Be calm in stressful environments

“The computer can be a toy, not just a tool,”. “One should choose a field where they can find their purpose”

“when you don’t feel good or when you are in stressful moments find a place and be quiet and think about your Data structures, Algorithms along side it can give you a good feel and will let you find peace.”

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6) Be creative

Being a computer expert doesn’t really mean you are restricted to one single method or practice. Being a computer expert means branching out and always striving for the impossible.

“Being creative embraces the whole world,one that is a computer  science engineer must be having a wide range of thoughts”


7) Branch out

“You need to learn software engineering, how computers work, how operating systems work, as well as countless programming languages,”

 ‘Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes,’ meaning that computers are our tools, and while we are experts at using our tools, they do not define the field as a whole,”


8) Read and write a lot of code


“Your career will require it,”.“Due to technology becoming exponentially complex, one must continuously update their skills to stay competitive within the field.”

“Not only reading but also writing (or) implementing your code somewhere is important and it may keep you engaged” “Stay updated”


9) Understand your tools

 “You need to understand how your tools work,”  “You need not only know what a compiler, linker, assembler, interpreter and web browser is, but what they do for you to succeed.”

“Be Enlightened”


10) Learn from failure, then quickly move on



“You need  to have a business mindset,” you may meet up with lot of failures but the only key for you to turn your mood back on track is “I CAN AND I WILL AND YOUR OPINION ON ME IS ONLY AN OPINION”