Java9 features

Java 9 has been launched on 21-sep-2017 it has been 3 years when java 8 was released [08-March-2014].Java 9 has lots of new features and upgrades provided for previous features.This release will take java into next level.

Here are the notable features of Java 9


Project Jigsaw – module system

Jigsaw is a module system which is an important feature added in Java 9.It adds modularity function to Run-time images,java source codes etc., and programmers can develop their own module and simplify their code.


With Jshell one can run smaller java programs straightaway in the java console.Which can add unit testing feature for small snippets.

Process API changes

With process API changes OS level process can be controlled and managed in better manner.

Segmented code Cache

With the help of Segmented Code cache,the code cache can be divided into different segments.Each segment has compiled codes of particular type.

Ahead of Time Compilation

As this is still under experimental section,hopefully it brings improvements to the startup time of applications.

HTTP2 client

New http2 improves the webpage loading time,its performance and reduces resource usage.

Parser API for Nashorn

Parser API implements a light weight,high performance JS routine in Java with native JVM.It ensures better project Nashorn JS support.

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  • Multi-release JARs
  • Process API updates
  • Garbage Collector improvements
  • Better Javadoc
  • Private interface methods

Download Java9 from here

You can read other notable features here Java9 .