There’s no doubt about it – customer reviews are one of the deciding factors when it comes to buying decisions. Companies are no longer protected with their flawless marketing strategies which promote their business in the best way possible. Today’s customers want the truth. However, when it comes to customer reviews, companies fear that negative feedback might have a negative effect on their business results so they will not consider ways to actually benefit from reviews, even the bad ones.

We all love to share our opinion about something, therefore, when a company provides its customers with a way to express their opinions, this leads to more closed deals and customer satisfaction. According to research conducted by Hubspot, of the 74% customers who were asked to leave feedback, 68% of them were willing to do it. So, the majority of your customers would love to leave a review if they are asked to do so, but how many businesses actually ask that question?

You can gather numerous positive reviews from your customers which will help you turn your prospects into customers. But, how to ensure your customers are so satisfied with your products and your customer service they will be more than happy to write a positive review? We bring you some of the ideas you can easily start implementing if you want to encourage your customers to leave positive reviews.

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Invest in your content strategy

If you know what are most common obstacles your customers face, you can create amazing content from it. Imagine your company provides a web hosting solution and the majority of your users don’t know how to utilize one of your features which is crucial for their business. Instead of waiting to hear yet another complaint regarding the same issue, how about writing a how-to article where you cover all the steps and explain all the benefits of that particular feature? Having an educational and useful content on your website will help many of your customers find the information they need. Whatever the issue is, it can always serve you as an inspiration for another article.

Optimize your website

After you’ve created your content strategy with articles on how to handle common issues, you should optimize your website so it’s easier for your customers to leave a review. Making this process too complicated will force your customers to quit and exit your website without leaving their review. You can also connect the reviews from third-party websites where customers have already written something about your business. Don’t let the fear of bad reviews take away from you all the good things you could get from customer reviews. Knowing that you nurture relationships with your customers and value their opinion is something your prospects will love to see and they will feel motivated to buy from you.

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Bring value to your customers

Certainly, there are customers who will gladly leave their feedback when you ask them, but it wouldn’t hurt to motivate them a bit as well. If they invest their time and effort into leaving a review, why not show how much you appreciate it by offering incentives? It can be anything you think that can be interesting to your customers, from coupon codes and discounts, gift cards for coffee to contests for a much bigger prize. Many companies have already started implementing this strategy to get more customer reviews on their platforms. You can even go one step further and invite your customers on social media to publish their review under the unique hashtag, so you can get bigger exposure on social media while actively interacting with your customers.

Find the right time to ask

Customer journey is so much more than just purchasing a product from a business. The moment you choose to ask for a review can be crucial for the outcome. Plan it strategically and ensure you’ve done everything you could to make your customer feel as satisfied as possible. You can send an email to them after purchase and ask if there is something you can help them with once they have the product with them.

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This way, you have the time to solve any potential issues and show you truly want your customers to enjoy the product. After you’ve exchanged that information, kindly ask for a review and provide them with a link where they can leave their feedback. If there was an issue with a product, your customers will be too thrilled with the fact that you reached out first and solved their issue to be focused on anything negative.


Customers are evolving and they are expecting from businesses to provide them with engaging and unique experiences. Being able to be active and talk about your business will attract more prospects and help you convert them into customers. Also, your existing customers will gladly buy again from a company which values their opinion and will do anything to satisfy their needs.

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