art of googling


The art of Googling

Use double quotes

To sort the unwanted results from the Google search results then examine the keywords within double quotes. So that the decisions were filtered and most consistent results were presented.The results will certainly match the exact phrase in double quotes.


search within the site

If you want to explore the sites where the searching option isn’t provided then you can use like below case.

usage: "bleedbytes: Linux distro"

search for a blog or an article

If you are looking for a blog article then start searching using intitle query.

usage: "intitle: best dark websites"

This will return the blog articles titled as best dark websites.

use google scholar

If your search is for a book or research paper then use google scholar for best results. Like if you were searching for a book written by reputed author then use google scholar to get best matching results.

compare using “vs”

Google can also do the comparison between two or more things. To make google compare use vs in your query.

usage: "java vs JavaScript"

above query returns the articles comparing two mentioned things.

search images with google images

Google is able to search for the images uploaded to it.It can able to locate the source of the image and also using machine learning techniques it is also capable to identify what type of image is uploaded.

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eliminate results with minus sign

You can also eliminate unwanted results by adding a keyword with minus symbol.The keyword behind minus symbol will be removed from the search results.So that filtering can be done by adding minus sign to the query.

usage: "two states -book"

the above use case eliminates results related to books and shows other results.

find similar sites

Similar sites can be found by placing query like “related:bleedbytes”.This is helpful in finding similar niche sites.


perform maths calculation

Simple and scientific maths calculations can be done just in the search bar.

usage: "cos(120)"

find specific file

If you are searching for a content in a specific file format, it may be a docx, pdf, ppt.It can be easily found using the following query in Google search box.

(insert search term):(file format).

usage: half girlfriend filetype:pdf


Google can make conversions for you, it supports every available currency in the world including cryptocurrencies.

usage: "USD to INR"

Use an asterisk within quotes to specify unknown or variable words

This method will help you in finding song lyrics, means if you remember middle order words you can replace the gap with an asterisk(*) to find them.

usage:"Days pass and this * fills my heart"

find synonyms using tilde symbol

To get synonyms of a word quickly, just use tilde(~)  symbol in front of the word along with the search terms.

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get contents from specific location

Google is good at hiding contents from some geographical locations, and you can also use this technique to get information that is available at that specific location only.Like if you want education related contents from China, use search term as follows

usage: "Education location:China"


translation is an easier process after googles contribution.Everyone who stuck to understand a foreign language uses this translate function to know them.kudos to google for this amazing gift.

usage: "goeie dage into English"

Make use of this article and become a pro google user.


Google ignores the special characters like (#,^,&,*,etc.,) from its search.

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