Facebook announced winners of FbStart Apps of the Year Awards.
Fbstarts is an event which is organised by Facebook to honour the best android/IOS applications.

Global app of the year:-


REGION:North America

For 2017 the first prize of $100,000 goes to Sololearn – a free app that teaches users how to code in different stream of programming languages.


Following are the regional winners with price tag of $15,000


REGION:Europe, Middle East and Africa 

Mondly is a language learning app with a twist. It employs VR, speech recognition and chatbot technology to aid users who want to learn to speak a new language fast.




REGION:Latin America

This app enables residents of Latin America to book a beauty appointments (without making a phone call) at the salon on-the-go. Users of ReservaTurno will also be able to discover new services and easily connect to salon managers.




Maya is a tool designed to help women around the world track their menstrual cycle, monitor related symptoms, set health reminders, track a pregnancy and even connect with medical advisers. The app is available in 14 languages and has users from 190 different countries.


Following is the best social app of the year with prize of $15,000

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REGION:North America

An app which helps people find volunteering opportunities based on their set of skills and personal preferences. Golden focuses on high-school and university volunteer recruiting in order to teach young adults the benefits of volunteering.

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