Google announces 1,30,000 scholarships to train developers and students by making the partnership with Udacity and Pluralsight in India. At September Google announced 75k nano degree scholarships with Udacity and Bertelsmann.And now the count has been approximately doubled.

Among 130k 1,00,000 has to be sponsored by Pluralsight and 30,000 has been provided by Udacity.Scholarships were the merely online learning process with audio and visual lectures divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced sections.

The most welcoming topics to be covered in the program are,

  • Mobile and Web development
  • Machine learning
  • AR/VR
  • Cloud platforms
  • AI and much more

By this program, Google is expecting to advance students/developers in India.Because many of us were stuck somewhere at starting stage of learning new concepts.

To clutch these scholarships click here.

You can read the announcement by Google on their blog click here

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