Signs You’ve Got Yourself A Good Web Application Company

What do you mean you don’t need the help of a web application company?

If there is one direction our world is heading to nowadays – it’s digital. Everything is revolving around computers, the internet, and AI that practically everything we do is somehow becoming more and more automated as the days pass. Before we could only communicate through telephones. Now, we don’t just have wireless phones, we can even do video calls with them. With the rate we’re going, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that hologram calls are the next big thing one of these days. And while they’re up to it, why don’t they just make the rest of the 1900’s kids’ fantasies come to life – flying cars, elevator roads, hovercrafts, and other stuff like that.

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Okay. My imagination’s gone off a little too far there. Quick rewind and we’re back to web applications. So we’ve already entered the technological age. Job hiring is now done online, pizza delivery is now placed online, shopping for food, clothes, heavy equipment, tickets, and even cars can now be done through online transactions. Add the fact that some form of online currency is becoming more and more mainstream as time goes by (see reference).

If there is a better time to start taking your business online, it’s now.

E-commerce is steadily rising. Surely, several hundreds of entrepreneurs join the online fiasco on a daily basis. And the numbers will just keep on getting higher. Setting up camp now, or striking while it’s still lukewarm may be the best decision you’ll ever make for your business. When the E-commerce fad hits the home run, there’s a good chance funding your own web application would be far more difficult and expensive than it is now. So if you plan to jump on the “web wagon” sometime soon anyway, why not now?

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Unless you’re a programmer, one major concern you should have about setting up your own web application is deciding who will do it for you? To a bystander, creating a web application from scratch is pure gibberish. Nothing makes sense. But in the hands of an expert, creating a web application – a winning one – can be as easy as 1-2-3! This is why it is very important that you choose who you deal your E-commerce venture to.

Web Application

To better guide you in selecting the right company, we have prepared this short guide for you. So without further ado, here are some signs you should look for in the web application company you’re about to deal with:

  1. Clean Background – When a web application company is fraudulent, scammy, or just plain bad, a word about it will definitely find its way to the internet’s information vine. You know you’ve got a clean company when (1) bad reviews range from few to none; (2) There are no negative associations pointing to the company in well-known information vines like Reddit and Quora, and (3) It shouldn’t be too clean. When we say clean background we do not mean BLANK. When there is no online information available on a company that claims they’re the “best web application developer,” there’s a good chance they’re just lying about it to rip you off – a complete fake. Because if they really were “the best,” the internet would at least have some record of their previous activities. Having no previous record is much more dangerous than having a bad one.
  2. Winning Portfolio – You know you’ve got a slaying web app developer when their portfolio can speak for themselves. In matters that concern the design, portfolios are very important references. People can’t just say they’re world-renowned artists without having any artwork to show for it. In the same way that a singer can’t say she’s a worldwide phenomenon when she doesn’t even have a single album on record. Portfolios become proof of your work. It also serves as a handy marketing tool. With a portfolio, a web application company can just go “Hey. This is our work. Do you want it or not?” Yes, portfolios make life this simple. If the E-commerce business you’re about to put up can be represented in a portfolio, you might as well start preparing one for yourself.
  3. Ability To Explain In Layman’s Terms – We get it. You’re a web application coding genius. But is it really necessary for you to talk in the coding language with your client?  Your client is not a programming expert like you; there is absolutely no sense in using programming jargon to explain your point. Real programmers, the ones that know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it, would know how to explain the entire web application building process in the simplest ways possible. Using heavy, convoluted words would only make people suspicious. Is this guy just trying to sell himself off as an expert, or what? Real experts know how to make common people understand the most complex processes – even something as complicated as web application development. Whenever people try to talk big with me, they often have something they don’t want me to find out. This is why I strongly suggest that you don’t trust developers who talk in their own language. They probably don’t understand themselves either.
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And that’s it. Three, totally noticeable signs to know whether your prospect web application developer is the real deal or not.

When you decide to jump into the E-commerce train, make sure to keep yourself guarded at all times. The internet is a crazy place. There are a lot of smart people who would try to get the best of you if you don’t know how to play your cards right. One thing to remember, however, is that the best choices are often made after you have calmly assessed the reality of the situation. Do not go jumping on to any train without knowing where it is headed just because you saw a 70% off sign. Make your choices wisely and make them count.

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