linux distro for beginners

Are you interested in exploring Linux-based operating systems aka Linux distros? Then this article might be for choosing best Linux distro for beginners or beginner friendly distros.If you were a fan of Mac os then I would recommend you to try elementary os or if you were a hardcore windows fan then I’ll suggest you choose Zorin or Manjaro os.

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Best Linux Distro For Beginners or New Users


linuxmint image

Linux Mint is a community-driven Linux distro based on Debian and Ubuntu, Which is an elegant and comfortable operating system for daily usage.It is extremely easy to use, open source and has access to 30k packages or software.

It just works like windows and provides out-of-box experience, and provided with lots of pre-installed packages like Java, Python, office packages, text editors etc.,

Linux Mint comes as 4 different desktop environments, Cinnamon, MATE, KDE, XFCE.

Why choose Linux mint?

  • perfect desktop experience
  • great option for beginners
  • full access to Ubuntu package/software repo
  • good supporting community


ubuntu image

UBUNTU is a Debian based Linux distro, it usually runs on personal computers and powers up network servers and it has also entered into the IoT platform a few years back.Ubuntu runs on most popular architectures including Intel, AMD, ARM-based and even it has been used as a mobile operating system in smartphones and tablets in the name of Ubuntu Touch.Ubuntu is powered by Canonical Ltd.

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Ubuntu has various flavours namely, Ubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, Ubuntu Kylin, Edubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu Studio,Ubuntu Budgie

Why choose UBUNTU?

  • Access to tons of free software in the Software centre
  • Extensive community support
  • Multiple favours to resemble your needs
  • high customization


zorin image

ZORIN is a pc operating system based on UBUNTU, This os was designed in resemblance to Microsoft Windows and MACos look.They provide free and enterprise edition for business purpose.Windows like edition provide Windows 10 like interface

Why choose Zorin Os?

  • User-friendly
  • Windows or Mac-like interface
  • Awesome desktop effects
  • fast and reliable


elementary image

ELEMENTARY is an Ubuntu-based operating system for the desktop experience.The visuals of this Linux Distro is awesome and the developers express it as A fast and open replacement for Windows and macOS.It is a Lightweight and fast, Completely community-based, and has a true flair for design and appearances

Elementary Os comes with Pantheon desktop environment

Why choose elementary Os?

  • Visually appealing
  • stable
  • lightweight
  • distinct look
  • useful pre-installed applications


deepin image

just like elementary, DEEPIN is another nice looking distro for beginners, developed by Chinese.Deepin has the simplest installation process.Provides clean and simplistic interface.It comes with useful packages like Chrome, file manager, media player, pdf creator and viewer and Microsoft office like free software Libre office is loaded with it.

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Deepin uses DDE i.e, Deepin Desktop Environment.

Why choose Deepin Linux?

  • Pretty and comfortable experience
  • Own desktop environment
  • custom app store
  • custom installer and settings


manjaro image

MANJARO is an Arch Linux based operating system provides windows like experience and it was starter\s as a hobby project and made a breakthrough in the market.Available in 32 and 64-bit formats.Manjaro provides access to the latest bleeding and cutting-edge software.It comes with Manjaro has its own package repository and also uses Arch repository to provide software.

Manjaro mostly comes with Xfce and KDE desktop environments

Why choose Manjaro?

  • easy to use
  • rolling Linux distro
  • Automatic detection of your computer’s hardware
  • great community
  • power of ARCH


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