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At the start of May 2018, Google I/O took place and it amazed its users, developer community all around the world. And another tech giant Apple is going to uplift a conference to announce many interesting things in WWDC’18 on 04-June.

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The fans and followers are expecting announcements on iOS 12 and other hardware launches. Hardware launch includes the announcement on Apple’s new project named “Star”.

Apple’s MacBook devices were powered by Intel after breakout with Intel, now Apple is working with ARM processors to launch their MacBooks.The report says that Apple is building up this ARM-based flagship are going to be developed from Scratch.

According to Bloomberg, since 2006 Apple is responsible for Intel’s 5% profit. With Apple’s transition in chipsets, they are planning to run iOS apps made for iPhone and iPad on mac’s. As it supports interoperability the new device could be a Macbook or iOS notebook. This shift will help Apple to generate more profit and also helps in customizing Macs closer to their mobile models.

The project was named as “Star” and Prototyping was happening in Pegatron, Apple’s partner in China -reported by 9to5mac. And a small number of prototypes were sent to Cupertino for Testing.

Expected product features:

This Star Prototype is powered with ARM processors, as ARM processors support direct LTE one can directly insert sim card into the slot and can start using the features. This new Apple device also supports LTE sim cards without any external adapters. And it will have a touchscreen, inbuilt GPS, compass, water resistant which supports the external keyboard.

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It runs EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface), which is a boot system used by Macs. As MacOS was designed to work on x86 architectures but ARM processors have both x86 and x64 design specifications, so that Apple may choose only x86. The fact behind this device is expected to make it’s debut right from 2020, not sooner.

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