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General Java Interview Questions

General Java Interview Questions
In this article series, we will discuss different types of questions that can be used in a Java interview, in order for the employer...

How i completed my first web dev challenge

Last week, while scrolling up Instagram feeds, I found a web development challenge by @thecodingsultan Then I go through his post and found interesting. The challenge...

Apple working on a new hybrid MacBook/iOS notebook

apple mac book
At the start of May 2018, Google I/O took place and it amazed its users, developer community all around the world. And another tech...

Bill gates Quotes for Success

bill gates quotes for success
Bill Gates is popular for his futuristic ideologies, quotes and his predictions. His predictions were accurate and his quotes were triggerable and can be applied to...

The tech behind Google Assistants Mm-hmm

Google Assistant at Google I/O '18 For past 3 days (May 8, May 9, May 10), Google led their most anticipated event I/O '18 and...

Google just launched a new TLD for app developers

google launched .app domain
For quite a long time, individuals thought the web was the future, however, that was before cell phones and local applications surged in prominence....

Best CSS frameworks – 2018

css frameworks
Before diving into the topic best CSS frameworks, a framework is a set of standard concepts, practices, and criteria for dealing with a common type of...

The art of Googling (Google search techniques)

art of googling
The art of Googling Use double quotes To sort the unwanted results from the Google search results then examine the keywords within double quotes. So that...

The best linux distro for beginners Guide – 2018 version

linux distro for beginners
Are you interested in exploring Linux-based operating systems aka Linux distros? Then this article might be for choosing best Linux distro for beginners or beginner friendly...

Google launches Flutter Framework for developing Android and iOS apps

flutter feature image
Google launched its beta version of flutter framework, which can be used for developing native apps for Android and iOS devices simultaneously, just like...