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google open source projects

Yes,you seen it right.Google has contributed itself in many open source projects. Being an influential giant in tech world it has contributed in open source...


A little info about SAP is provided in this content. First of all SAP stands for System Application and Products.But it has an another meaning...

apktool-UBUBTU usage guide

To start decoding or get source code of an application,first you have to download the target application. Then open the terminal by pressing "ctrl+alt+t" keys...

How to get source code of any android app ?

As modifying android app is nor easy neither difficult task. Here modifying seems reverse engineering or reengineering. This content is only for the educational purpose not...


Short intro about Git-Hub

SHODAN-search engine for IoT

SHODAN is the first search engine for Internet connected devices or in other words for Internet Of things. It was designed by John Matherly in 2003...

What is linux

“Linux is everywhere” SOMETHING ABOUT LINUX First of all Linux is an open source operating system.Why open source is mentioned because it is all free to...


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