404 Error Not Found

Ever wondered why the error codes were thrown by browsers while using the internet, They were intimating us with hidden messages by hiding lengthy lines into numeric values.

The most of the errors codes seen by us were 404,503.Let’s dive into what they mean.

 http error codes

These error codes were standardized codes provided by IANA and do not vary by any means.


These were informational responses.Which means the request from the client was processing and asks clients to wait for the final response from the server.This may be like loading please wait,


These were success responses, The request by the client was successfully received or processed by the server.


These codes generally mean redirection. Means client has to take additional steps to proceed the request.Additional steps in the sense-making security checks, human verification, URL redirection and a warning message that the site doesn’t have SSL certificate.


These are client-side errors or common errors made by clients while requesting server.Client-side errors may be spelling mistakes, insufficient data to access appropriate server etc.,


Errors caused by the server or server-side errors.Here the request from client side has nothing wrong, it was server-side problem, that it may have encountered any improper processing or may be due to overflow or over traffic.

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1xx 2xx 3xx 4xx 5xx


100 continue
101-Switching Protocols
103-Early Hints
203-Non-authoritative Information
204-No Content
205-Reset Content
300-Multiple Choices
301-Moved Permanently
303-See Other
304-Not Modified 305-Use Proxy
400-Bad Request
402-Payment Required
404-Not Found
405-Method Not Allowed
500-Internal Server Error
501-Not Implemented
502-Bad Gateway
503-Service Unavailable
504-Gateway Timeout
505-HTTP Version Not Supported


The above Table has few error codes and their details remaining can be found in IANA table.You can see the complete list of error codes stated by IANA here.