google removed 700k apps

As Android is ruling the smartphone industry, there were the enormous amount of apps available in the play store and 100s of apps were published every hour.So for now, there were about 2,800,000 apps available after this massive takedown.

statista report
statista report

the reason why Apple has lesser number of apps is that every application uploaded were tested manually by the testing team at Apple and it takes 7 working days to approve the application.Whereas in Google every approval was automated.Google’s previous machine learning model’s were less capable of identifying vulnerable applications.So they decided to optimise their machine learning model and they did it.

Mr.Ahn, product and marketing guy at Google said that they have taken down 700k applications based on new machine learning models generated by team google.The apps were taken down because they void google play policies such as impersonation, inappropriate, malware.

he added that the machine learning models were also capable of banning bad developers and making difficult in making new accounts.For now, it banned 100,000 bad guys from play store developer console.

The reason behind this removal is mainly impersonation, that is making clone apps like the original ones and making the original applications to lose the popularity.these copycat apps use targeted keywords to fool the users by installing their cloned apps.

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Next consideration is inappropriate content, these applications contain extreme violence, pornography, hate, illegal activities as their main motive.SO these type of applications were filtered for good cause.

Up next is PHA’s (potentially harmful applications), these were about to cause damage to privacy of users.These kinds of apps were considered as malware, trojans, SMS frauds.After the launch of Google play protect, amount of vulnerable apps were slowly reduced.

Mr.Ahn says thanks for the newest machine learning models for helping to remove policy-violating apps from play store and making it as a better place to surf for safer applications.