Do you know that there are 1.8 billion websites worldwide, and the number is steadily rising? It gives a fair idea about the extent of competition being faced by each business in the online space. Under this scenario, it isn’t easy to edge past your competitors and grab a better rank and get more visibility. At the same, it’s true that many startups and small businesses have outranked top enterprises on search engine results pages. So what did they do differently? Well, they worked closely with professional SEO services in India and followed the given steps to be successful.


Identify who your competitors are

The first thing professional SEO services in India will do is to identify the competitors. To that end, they will gain a clearer understanding of who the customers are because the same keywords and customers are being targeted by your competitors. Once the user intent is understood, and the keywords are shortlisted, it gets easier to find out your closest competitors. Thereby, your chosen SEO agency will list out the top three to four competitors for a detailed analysis.

Use professional SEO services in India to find out more

So, now that you have the list of competitors ready, the next step is to take their SEO strategies and websites into consideration. What exactly did they do right to land up on the first page of the search engines? Usually, it all comes down to four main factors:

  • Content quality and uniqueness
  • Keyword research and usage
  • Technical aspects of SEO (meta tags, URLs, etc.)
  • Social media, PR, and backlinks
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One look at the details of these four aspects will give professional SEO services in India a clear understanding of what they need to do to help you move ahead.

Run a detailed comparison with your website

It is time now to note how the same four factors work for your website at present. Do you have a social media page that gets regular and relevant updates? Is your website content in sync with the trending topics in the market right now? What are the tools to be used for your keyword research? Does your site have too many keywords to appear authentic or readable? The professional SEO services in India will find the answers to all these questions before addressing the pertinent issues.

Finding opportunities in the competitor’s gaps

The final stage is where the strategies are implemented by the professional SEO services in India. Now, they will try to find gaps in what the competitors are offering. And those gaps are the opportunities for your business! What are the keywords that your competitors are yet to tap into? Do you have anything unique to add in terms of content that the rest of them are still not focusing on?

A word of caution to remember is that SEO is not something that shows results overnight. However, if you trust the process and work closely with your SEO agency, the results are bound to show up as better ranks. After that, it’s time to leave the competition behind!

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