Which Google Ranking Factors Matter Most in 2019

Important SEO Ranking factors that matter in 2020

There are about 566 million or let’s say, 56.6 crore internet users in India alone. Of which almost 87% is an active user who last visited the internet within a week.

Be it a query of any kind, search for new words, latest innovations and creations, about diseases, celebrity, songs and the list goes on but Google instantly finds out the relevant webpage. So, how does Google do it?

There are billions of websites out of which Google shows websites ranked and the probability of finding our search in the top three results is very high because more than 90% of users don’t visit the next page. Well, the answer is SEO which is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

In simple words, Google uses the keywords the user is searching for and shows results accordingly. There are many factors on which SEO depends on HTTPS (Hypertext Transport Protocol Security). This means Google ranks a particular site higher if it is https than a site which is HTTP. Google chrome even marks HTTP sites as insecure so gradually decreasing the traffic hence, decreasing the ranking of the site.

RankBrain is a machine-learning artificial intelligence which processes unique queries. It is a major factor in determining the rank of a website in search results. But, the authenticity of the content of the webpage should be given the highest priority as only this makes your site more unique than the rest.

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At the end of 2018, there are about 859 million smartphone users across our country and it is growing at a rate of 18% annually. So, the number of users accessing websites through their smartphones is also increasing. As of 2020 mobile usability will be a deciding factor of SEO. It ranks the user-friendly websites higher which works well in both platforms (Desktop and Mobile). Because the era of surfing the internet on the desktop is coming to an end and mobile phones are taking over.

So, websites that open faster in desktop but their loading time in mobile phones is greater will gradually decline in their ranking. Unlike computer mobile phones don’t have any input devices (keyboard & mouse) and have different functionality. There is a smaller screen and the inputs are given using touch gestures. So, these disturbances should be eliminated in order to improve mobile usability. These can be done by hiring an SEO Expert in India.

Why hire an SEO Expert in India??

An SEO Expert in India will help in boosting the ranking by optimizing the site as per the factors affecting the Search Engine Optimization. They can use the webpage to target the customers. As they can consult their clients about how to change their website design, content in order to increase their ranking. By taking the latest trends into consideration and using the latest technologies they can increase the traffic on the websites.

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One should hire an SEO expert so that they can handle the visitors on the website whereas; the client can focus on the content. They can help in targeting potential customers with effective marketing strategies and keeping up with the SEO factors which will increase in the revenue created by the client.

Any Starts-Ups or clients can hire an SEO expert in India in order to outrun all the competitors in the market and boost your business as well as the annual revenue created by the firm.

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