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The art of Googling (Google search techniques)

art of googling
The art of Googling Use double quotes To sort the unwanted results from the Google search results then examine the keywords within double quotes. So that...

The best linux distro for beginners Guide – 2018 version

linux distro for beginners
Are you interested in exploring Linux-based operating systems aka Linux distros? Then this article might be for choosing best Linux distro for beginners or beginner friendly...

Google launches Flutter Framework for developing Android and iOS apps

flutter feature image
Google launched its beta version of flutter framework, which can be used for developing native apps for Android and iOS devices simultaneously, just like...

Why Big Data Analytics matters in this era ?

big data analytics
What is big data? Big data analytics examines massive amounts of information to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and alternative insights. With today’s technology, it’s attainable...

Google removed 700k insecure apps from play store

google removed 700k apps
As Android is ruling the smartphone industry, there were the enormous amount of apps available in the play store and 100s of apps were...

Roadmap to become a web developer in 2018

Roadmap to become a web developer
Today I came up reading a GitHub project by kamranahmedse.In that project, he has mentioned what are all the requirements needed to be a complete web...

How to host your website in firebase for free

Before moving into the topic How to host your website in firebase, let me explain what is Firebase. Firebase is a web and Mobile application...

Kali linux guide V2 android app

If you were noobie to Kali Linux or if you are interested in pen testing.Then this article might for you.a next version of an...

Alternatives of BITCOIN

This article represents the cryptocurrencies which are alternative for bitcoin.These were the hot topics in the digital market.Many of the businesses firms started accepting...

Error 404 ! not found

404 Error Not Found
Ever wondered why the error codes were thrown by browsers while using the internet, They were intimating us with hidden messages by hiding lengthy lines into numeric values.