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Microsoft released Edge browser for iOS and Android

Microsoft released a new browser named Microsoft edge along with Windows 10 release.And the edge browser was released as a better alternative for Internet...

Google announces 130K scholarships to upskill India’s developers and students

Google announces 1,30,000 scholarships to train developers and students by making the partnership with Udacity and Pluralsight in India. At September Google announced 75k...

How to Install Multiple Operating Systems on Single Computer

Every one of us has an idea of running two or more operating systems at a time in a single system.Most of us started...

Java 9 Released ! here are the notable features

Java9 features
Read this article to know about Java9 features.

Who’s No. 1 in open source contributions?

This article shows the leading organisations,contributors,most forked repositories and top users of Git-hub . There are more than 331,000 organisations with employees contributing to open...

Facebook Announced Fbstart Apps Of The Year 2017

  Facebook announced winners of FbStart Apps of the Year Awards. Fbstarts is an event which is organised by Facebook to honour the best android/IOS applications. Global...

Youtube changed their new logo after 12 years

YouTube made a massive update from its logo to application experience

Google open-sources its Voice recognition for DIY AI

GOOGLE along with tensorflow and AIY created a voice kit to make artificial intelligence familiar among DIY (do it yourself) hobbyists and researchers, made...

How to create your custom or own run command ?

create own run command
Everytime while accessing an application installed in pc mostly windows we use start menu or desktop icons to access them.And another thing called run...

XOD-a visual programming language for IoT Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Etc.

XOD is a visual based programming language for microcontroller,as in their official website.And Its a opensource tool launched in 2017.Which is capable to program...