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There are numerous processes you can do it. However, if you’re a novice and are attempting to grasp emotionally and with no reasoning, it may appear to be much challenging to attain. From the very start, to discover specific, scientific and clear direction, you need the guidance of specialists, and several people must accept these. The web developer road map of some experts includes Frontend, Backend, and DevOps. 

Web Developer 2019

Web Developer Roadmap 2019

Here is where you’ll begin. You may select the frontend or backend trail. Nevertheless, there are suggestions that you should grasp for either path and they are as below. 

1. Git 

This is a version control system. There are two amazing things this system allows you to do. These include, you can be able to trail alterations in your files, and can it clarify working on projects and files with several people. There are several causes why you should be using Git.

These are   

  • Your code will consistently be accessible to you.   
  • Every type of code will also be available to you. 

Git clarifies the procedure of working with other individuals and makes it simple to cooperate on projects. 

2. SSH 

Secure shell is a network protocol for running network amenities safely across floppy networks. Usual apps involve both remote command execution and command line login. However, any network facility can be protected by a secure shell. This network protocol offers reliable channel over an open network in a client-server building thus linking safe shell client app with a secure shell server.  


Hypertext transfer protocol is an app protocol for hypermedia, distributed, and collaborative information systems. This protocol is the basis of data transmission for WWW. Whereas hypertext files comprise hyperlinks to other reserves where an end user can easily access. 

4. Terminal Usage (basic windows and Mac OS)

The terminal app of Apple is a straight interface to a bash shell of OS X, a segment of its UNIX supports. When opening it, the terminal will present you with a white text display from where you can be able to access your OS X account by default. With a system administrator’s password and account, you’ll have straight accessibility to modify almost everything about your PCs programme code. 

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5. Data Structures and Algorithms

In this suggestion, you’ll be able to learn JavaScript’s data structures from scratch. Here, you’ll learn

  • How to improve performance, scalability, and efficiency of your applications, programs, and codes.   
  • How to control structures of data in your custom techniques? Whatever fits your requirements.   
  • How to code vital JavaScript data.   
  • How to excel in technical programming and engineering interviews both in small and large companies. 

6. Character Encodings 

Character encoding offers a key to unbolt the code. It’s a set of charts between computer bytes and the character in character set. In the absence of the key, the data will look like garbage. This procedure involves representing single characters by utilizing a matching encoding system made up of other kinds and signs of data. 

7. GitHub 

Here is a guide to making your initial GitHub benefaction. It’s step by step process. 

(a) Fork the depository.

Split the first contributions repo by pressing on the fork stud on the page’s top. This will generate a replica of this depository in your account. 

(b) Clone the depository. 

Now you can duplicate the repo to your machine. You’ll need to press on the clone stud and then press the icon reading “copy to clipboard.” You’ll then have to open the terminal and skim this Git command, git clone “URL you just copied.”

(c) Create a branch.

Alter to the depository directory of your PC, if you’re not already there by running this command, cd first-contributions.

(d) Make essential alterations and commit those alterations 

In a text editor. You can now open Contributors. Md file. Append your title to it and save the document. If you proceed to the project directory and implement the git status command, you’ll see there are alterations. Attach those alterations to the branch you generated by utilizing the command git add. Now you can commit those alterations utilizing the command git commit. 

(e) Push modifications to GitHub. 

You can now push your alterations utilizing the git push command. You’ll need to restore with the title of the branch you generated earlier.

(f) Present your modifications for review.

If you proceed to GitHub repository, you’ll perceive a compare and pull request stud. You’ll need to press on that button. This will allow you to present the pull request. You’ll receive an email notification once alterations have been merged. However, your fork’s master branch won’t have the changes. 

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If you desire to become a 2019 front end developer here are extra resources to assist you. Learning web development reformatory will help you master.   

8. Frontend trail and courses for grasping frontend

  • How to make REAL website apps utilizing modern technologies.   
  • How to generate a blog app from scratch utilizing MongoDB, Semantic UI, and express?
  • How to generate multiple HTML forms with attestation.   
  • How to use Bootstrap to create attractive, responsive layout?

Advanced website development Bootcamp. In this Bootcamp, you’ll learn.   

  • How to utilize web pack and babel to bundle and transpile code.   
  • How to produce dynamic envisions using SVG and D3.  
  • How to create JSON APIs utilizing express MongoDB and Node.


Here you’ll be able to grasp  

  • Real-globe knowledge to building websites that are beautiful, genuinely responsive, and professional.
  • Learn super amazing jQuery effects such as scroll, sticky navigation, and animation effects.
  • Big projects that will educate you everything you require to understand to get started with CSS3 and HTML5.

Beginner JavaScript, full JavaScript course.

With beginner JavaScript, you’ll learn.

  • Programming and JavaScript fundamentals.
  • How to practice your new prowess with coding challenges?
  • Real knowledge of how JavaScript functions behind the scenes.

10. Advanced JavaScript. 

In this guide, you’ll be able to learn.   

  • How to inspire your assessors with your JavaScript understanding?  
  • How to educate other web developers advanced JavaScript.   
  • How to understand compound situations of JavaScript? 

11. React JS.

This is a well-liked library for building web apps. Here you’ll learn.  

  • How to construct fantastic one-page apps with Redux and React JS.
  • How to grasp basic ideas behind structuring redux apps.
  • How to become articulate in the toolchain aiding React comprising Web pack, NPM, and babel.

12. Angular JS.

This not only offers a structure for stockpiling your code but also makes it simple to build a web app in quick time. Here you’ll learn.  

  • How to build complex, scalable, responsive and modern web apps with angular 7.   
  • Thoroughly know the building behind Angular 7 app and how to utilize it.   
  • How to generate one-page apps with one of the most contemporary JavaScript frameworks. 
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13. Vue.JS  

This a fantastic JavaScript framework for developing frontend apps. Here you’ll learn.  

  • How to create excellent Vue.js apps from tiny and easy ones to huge business level ones.   
  • How to leverage Vue.js in both single and multi-page apps.  
  • Know the thesis behind Vue.js and utilize it in actual projects. 

Backend Developer Road Map. 

If you desire to become a 2019 backend developer, then you’ll need to follow this roadmap. 

14. Node.JS. 

This is a preferred choice for developing web apps backend. You’ll learn here   

  • How to produce express web and API servers.   
  • How to utilize state of the art ES6 or ES7 JavaScript.   
  • How to create real-time applications with SocketIO.  

15. Ruby 

This is another robust language ideal for website development. You’ll learn here.   

  • How to resolve approved coding languages with Ruby.   
  • How to use natural objects such as hashes, arrays, and strings.   
  • How to code in a programing language of Ruby. 

16. Python 

This is another language full of sound libraries and framework. With python you’ll learn.  

  • How to build eleven easy to pursue python three projects.   
  • How to utilize numbers to produce behind the scenes operation?   
  • How to utilize variable to trail data in python program. 

17. PHP

This is still a simple method to inscribe the server side code. With PHP, you’ll learn.   

  • How to generate a content management system such as Joomla, WordPress or Drupal?
  • How to launch your app online?
  • How to utilize Ajax to present data to the server in the absence of page refreshing. 

18. Java 

With Java, you’ll be able to acquire worthwhile necessary certification and skills. Here you’ll learn.  

  • How to be able to show your knowledge of java to future bosses.   
  • Obtain necessary java fundamentals for changing to android development and Java EE.   
  • Acquire expertise in Java 8 and Java 11. 

19. MySQL

With MySQL, you’ll be able to generate compound databases and build reports through real globe projects. MySQL will help you in learning.   

  • How to connect with existing databases.   
  • How to construct a web application utilizing MySQL and Node.JS? 
  • How to inscribe compound SQL questions across many tables.

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